Vilni Women’s Community

We are strong to be free. Let’s support each other together🙏🏻🙌🏻

Vilni Women’s Community – is a comfortable online community for business women, craft workers, and all those women, who need support.

It’s extremely important to support each other today – with words, actions, financially, or even with a smile, everyone can help. We strive for every woman in our community to feel this support, freedom, and have the opportunity to find something that helps her to live, create and develop. 

The community is developing 3 directions:

  • Support of mental and emotional health. Psychologists, art therapists, meditation, and yoga, as well as other specialists will gradually join our community and conduct lectures and masterclasses.   
  • Education platform. We’ll share information about educational events and will hold our own ones at the community’s request.
  • Build communication bridges among Ukrainian women all over the world. We’ll involve Ukrainian diasporas to the community, which will create opportunities for information exchange, experience, and job opportunities. 

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