The Vilni  (means Free) is a social non-profit project aimed to create jobs for Ukrainian women who are refugees, internally displaced or those who have felt the impact of the war in any way. We create jobs, knit cool products with real life stories from  each woman and tell the world about the traditions and culture of Ukraine via QR code. We are also building the Vilni Women’s Community, a comfortable online space, to support each woman.💙💛 

Read more about us, our aim and goals.

Now each month 20 Ukrainian women are getting a salary from the Project and the possibility to feed their families, at the same time, 15 volunteers are working hard to support and develop the Project. The Vilni is now fully donation based,  but aims to become self-sustaining in some time after production is set up. 

You may support us in the following ways:

  • Donate 

Your donation will help us to create more jobs for Ukrainian women, who are internally displaced or refugees in different counties (countries). Help us save Ukrainian families!

For Payments in Dollars:
Company Name: NGO OSE Ukraine
IBAN Code:UA823052990000026005016107445

For Payments in Hryvnia:
Company Name: NGO OSE Ukraine
Code: 44712259
IBAN: UA703052990000026041046103202

  •  Support us with materials 

Vilni is focusing on knitting product creation and each month we spend a lot of money to buy necessary materials. If you have an opportunity to donate yarn for us, please, contact us via email: 

  • Join our team! 

Our team is working on a volunteer basis developing the project, setting up production, making promotion in Social Media and 

 We welcome anyone and everyone interested to help as:

  • SMM manager
  • copywriter
  • designer 
  • project manager for production
  • project manager for Vilni Women’s Community
  • PR manager

Or if you have other skills and knowledge and feel power to make the Project stronger, just fill the form and we will contact you!

Vilni is a non-profit project, all profits from the sale of socks will be redirected to create more jobs for Ukrainian women or to help Ukrainian women in Vilni Women’s Community. 

And of course, you can always support the project by buying our Products: hand-knitted unisex, comfortable socks in 3 sizes with the real story of the Ukrainian women who made it.  

Ukrainian is strong to be free!  Support us in our fight for freedom! 🤍


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