Olha Gerasymova

I am Olha Gerasymova from Irpin, Kyiv region.

I can’t believe it, but I turned 70 in April. In retirement, I knitted a lot, I can say that this was my favorite activity, and also wove beads and drew oil paintings. Life changed dramatically on February 24 with the outbreak of war. By some miracle, I managed to escape from the occupation and get to my grandson in Estonia. I would like to show photos of my products made at home in Irpin, but the rashists took everyone’s phones when they entered our residential complex.

Now the stress after what I saw and felt in Ukraine has passed and I am beginning to get used to the peaceful life here. But every time when I read the news — tears, my heart breaks and I want to return to my native home. I still can’t figure out how what is happening in Ukraine is even possible. 

I can’t find a job here in Estonia — my age, health condition, and lack of knowledge of the language do not contribute to this. But I thank our Estonian friends who organized the knitting of camouflage nets for the armed forces of Ukraine. I am willing to participate in this process – at least in some way I can help our guys.

Therefore, I am happy to join the Vilni project.

Thank you for your support!