Svetlana Manshilina

Greetings, my name is Svitlana Manshylina. I am 62 years old. I am from the village of Pavlivka, Donetsk region. At the age of 62, I have 3 children (two daughters: 35 and 31, and a 30-year-old son) and 5 grandchildren (four boys and one beautiful girl).

I have a higher education, but I am now retired. Before the war, I worked as a nurse, and was also fond of knitting, drawing, sewing and cooking. Although I have accumulated many professions in my entire life.

It is very painful for me to remember the beginning of the war. I had to make a quick decision and leave my native home when russian missiles began to fly over our heads.

Knitting helps me stay afloat, although in the process I still think about my children and grandchildren, as well as about those children and people who are dying because of russian paranoids.

 I learned about this project through volunteers and this is my way of being useful.

So, thank you for supporting me and my family during this difficult time!