Victoria Savchenko

Hello everyone! My name is Victoria Savchenko, I am 36 years old and I am a native of Kyiv. I have a higher education and until 24.02 successfully worked as a PR specialist in a communication agency. How I loved my life: an interesting job, good income and a lot of plans for the future. And all this in the unsurpassed and so native Kyiv. The most pleasant things were waiting for me, I wanted to travel, dreamed and had a carefree life.

However, on 24.02.22, everytюhing changed. I’ll never forget that morning. I couldn’t sleep for the third night — I felt very excited. Those were pleasant thoughts, because I had a lot of interesting work and plans. But on 24.02 I woke up to the explosions. Then I didn’t even realize it was war. I never thought of that. We live in the 21st century! So, it seemed to me that something had happened. Anything but an invasion to our country. But… but it was the war that started. So, my husband and I quickly packed up our things and went to his mother, who lives in the city center. We made this decision because we lived very close to Gostomel. It was on our streets that there were tanks later. That’s how my first experience of war began.

We couldn’t leave Kyiv — I didn’t want to. This is my city, my home, and my parents live here. After the start of the war, we could not see them for almost 2 months, because we lived on different banks of the Dnieper. Then not only did transport not go — it was very dangerous even to drive through the bridges. So, we could only hear each other.

I’m home in Kyiv. I feel the support of my parents, my husband, and the city itself, which I have known since childhood. I love every street, every alley — I have many memorable places that are filled with pleasant memories. Kyiv is in my heart, so I just couldn’t go.

Now I’m still working in my agency. However, there is almost no work, and therefore there is no previous salary. This situation reminded me of knitting. My father taught me this science as a child. Yes, this is not a mistake. My dad is a jack of all trades. Although all his life he works as a driver — he can do almost everything.

Today, knitting is my sedative, my antidepressants, and my love. After all, I can create real magic from an ordinary pile of threads. And all this with the help of hands. When knitting I can realize my creative fantasies, making up unsurpassed masterpieces from straight loops. In the process, I dream of peace, calmness, travels, love and family. It is peace in my beloved Ukraine that is my most cherished wish. I think of it all the time. Therefore, my products are charged with positive emotions.