Natalia Shvadronova

Hello. My name is Natalia Shvadronova, I am 45 years old and I come from a small village of Peresichne, in Kharkiv Oblast. I have two adult sons: 24 and 18 years old. I have a higher education and a wonderful and diverse life. It was… We had already forgotten about peace.

 February 24, 2022 – the day that just changed my life. Not in a good way. The war began with muffled sounds – those were distant explosions. Then I fell into a state of despair, because even the presence of such a terrible situation was difficult to comprehend, and it is still not possible to understand.

 The decision to stay at home was very difficult. We even planned to leave several times. However, we still stayed in our native walls. We couldn’t give up everything and just go nowhere. Our home has also become a haven for loved ones. My husband’s parents came to us, because it is in their locality that active military operations are being conducted.

 Today it is very strange to remember peaceful times. I remember how, a few months ago, proximity to Kharkiv was considered a great advantage. In the meantime, it only scares. But we don’t lose hope. It helps us move on with our lives, giving us new strength.

 It was very difficult to calm the sadness and fear. My salvation was a hobby. From the first days of the war, I started knitting socks. At first, I made them for territorial defense, and then I joined a charity event.

 In general, knitting is an integral part of my life. This is my hobby from my mother. It was she who taught me how to make the first loops. As a teenager, I knitted my own clothes and experimented. I became interested in making socks a few years ago, when I started knitting things for caring for premature babies.

Now the monotonous movements of the knitting needles have become my relaxation — a real rest for the soul. Making each new loop, I seem to move away from the surrounding events. This helps to distract from the terrible disaster that has now engulfed all Ukrainians. Knitting, I willingly imagine peace and quiet, and dream of the end of the war.