Janna Holan

Hello. My name is Zhanna Golian, I was born in 1977. I have 3 wonderful children with whom I live in the glorious city of Lutsk. I am a commodity specialist by education, and even managed to work in my specialty before the job reduction. Then I started doing needlework. In addition to knitting, I am fond of embroidery. Creativity gives me inspiration and peace of mind.

24.02.22 my first experience of war began. It was on this day that the bombing of the airport in Lutsk took place. However, despite the sense of danger, I did not leave my hometown. For this is our home, our land… Let the invaders run away! Yes, now it is very difficult for me: I was left without a job, without income. But these are small things. I am motivated to move forward by my faith in victory, and reassured by confidence in our Armed Forces of Ukraine. With such defenders, the war can only end in victory. And I truly believe it.

With the outbreak of war, my main activity became custom knitting. This allows me to provide for my family and help the army. At the same time, such work brings enjoyment and aesthetic pleasure.

I became interested in needlework at the age of 5, when I saw a neighbor knitting something. I’ve been literally living it ever since. Knitting is my way of self-expression, a kind of demonstration of my own inner world. This is my creativity and my earnings. I like to create something new. I especially like to knit dresses. I love working with the finest, most delicate materials: silk, mohair. They help you create really elegant things.

I think about everything when knitting. Someone talks about exceptionally good thoughts. But there is nothing dominant in my thoughts, because absolutely everything is present there. Now most often I dream of peace. I remember how happy we were. Before the war, we didn’t understand this. After all, true happiness is always there, just hiding in ordinary everyday affairs.