The VILNI (means Free) project aims to support Ukrainian women who are refugees, internally displaced or those who have felt the impact of the war in any way. We create jobs, knit cool products with real life stories from  each woman and tell the world about the traditions and culture of Ukraine via QR code. We are also building the Vilni Women Community, a comfortable online space, to support and to make each woman not to forget that they are not alone, valuable and called to freedom and beauty.

Ukrainians are proud people, proud of the country and its traditions. You can feel this in the quality of the product we make. We are proud to share Vilni products with you. Everything you see on this website is made with the heart and soul of a free Ukraine. Ukrainian is strong to be free!  Support us in our fight for freedom! 💙💛


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The product of the VILNI project is hand-knitted unisex, comfortable socks in 3 sizes with the real story of the Ukrainian women who made it. Every product is a manifestation of the freedom and strength of the spirit of Ukrainian women and every craftswoman is the soul of Ukraine.  Buying a pair of socks, you are supporting families of Ukrainian women who suffered from the russian war against Ukraine. 

Nataliia Krylova

Greetings. My name is Nataliia Krylova. I’m 50. I have 2 daughters (28 and 16 years old) and a small granddaughter who is only 8 months old. Our family lived in the cozy town of Brovary, in Kyiv Oblast. I have 2 degrees: pharmacist and upbringer pedagogue…